Gaziantep Observatory

0'th meeting of the Gaziantep Observatory team.

14 May 2008 (modified and archived 15 May 2008)

The meeting (observatory team plus other faculty members) opened with a presentation by Doç Dr. Talat Saygaç describing current observatory facilities in Turkey and the possibility of one in Gaziantep: GaziantepSunum.pdf or GaziantepSunum.doc.
The second speaker was Nilgün Saka (Gaziantep Büyük Şehir Belediyesi, Etüt Proje Şube Müdürü) who gave a brief overview of the Gaziantep Planetarium that is currently under construction.
Finally Andrew Beddall gave the following status report for the Gaziantep Observatory project:


Build an observatory somewhere in the hills around Gaziantep.

....something like this.

We have been forming relationships between:

Gaziantep Üniversitesi

Gaziantep Büyükşehir Belediyesi



Since initial investigations in February 2008, the current project status is:


Observatory Team (so far)


How to Proceed

planning for funding for "scientific equipment" .......